About Us

At Choc/ed we have one goal = Happiness. To create it, to spread it, to be coated in it.
Choc/ed began from a late night craving... I wanted a treat, something different than my typical Dairy Queen blizzard - something a little lighter and juicier. After scrolling through Instagram for ideas my heart leaped when I saw a picture of a beautifully designed box of chocolate-covered strawberries, but instead of buying them online, I wanted to make them myself. In the middle of the night, I got to work, experimenting, playing, and designing. 
Growing up, I always loved spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking with my mom, so making the edible treats for my family was very exciting - and not an unusual Saturday night activity for me. The first chocolate-covered strawberry that I made was coated with crushed up cereal - which of course were the cereals we had in our pantry - Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Froot Loops. These "sugary" cereals were a staple in our house growing up, so I thought they would be a delicious and unique topping to try on chocolate-covered strawberries. What started as making these strawberries for my family, quickly expanded to cousins, close friends, grandparents... and before I knew it Choc/ed was born!
My intent with Choc/ed is to bring joy and happiness to people with sweet, tasty, and fun treats! Thank you for supporting us and purchasing from a small Toronto business, your generosity is what keeps me going.  
Welcome to the Choc/ed family!